Day 2 of 2013 ASIS&T Annual Meeting

Day 2 of the ASIS&T Annual Meeting started bright and early, with the first sessions beginning at 8am! I decided to attend the session “Data and Information Access and Preservation” with four papers.

The first paper, “Closing the Loop: Assisting Archival Appraisal and Information Retrieval in One Sweep” assessed appraisal as “a complex information retrieval task.” The second, “The Role of Data Reuse in the Apprenticeship Process,” addressed data reuse in the fields of zoology and archaeology, noting that reuse is a way in which new scholars learn to become members of their academic communities. The next paper, “Disaster Planning for Digital Repositories,” discussed the findings of a survey the authors had conducted questioning digital repositories’ disaster planning activities. Finally, “Environmental Voluntary Groups: Toward Curating Data for Sharing, Access, and Preservation” questioned information professionals’ ability to gather data generated by “amateur” (though the paper questioned this term) scientists/passionate enthusiasts in scientific fields. The session was a bit dry overall (or maybe it was just the early hour!) but I came away with some good points.

At 10:30am, there was a panel on “Information Outsiders of the 21st Century,” discussing equity of access and the digital divide. The panel included scholars from the Universities of South Carolina and Maryland. The panel laid out three types of access: physical, intellectual, and social. All three types, the panel argued, must be account for in any access policy, and such policies need to address social justice outcomes as much as technical ones.

After a lunch break (I tried a great vegan restaurant in Montreal: Crudessence), it was time for the panel on which I was presenting! “Digital Liaisons: Engaging with Digital Curation and Practice,” sponsored by SIG-DL (Special Interest Group-Digital Libraries). The panel session started with viewing some of the posters that had been accepted. Then Carolyn Hank of the University of Tennessee, Knoxville gave a passionate and humorous keynote speech. Afterwards, time for the lightning talks, of which my presentation was one! All of the student presenters did a great job, and the range of topics stimulated several questions in the Q&A period.

At 3:30, some classmates attended a session on UX Labs that they said made them jealous–hopefully we will get such a lab at Pratt SILS sometime in the near future!

After the day’s sessions were done, Pratt SILS got some more attention when Iris Bierlein and Nora Meyer presented the poster they had made with SILS Professor Irene Lopatovska, “Exploring Requirements for Online Art Collections, during the President’s Reception. Great job, guys!

With that, another busy conference day came to a close.

Diana Bowers (click the link to see my conference tweets!)

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Grant Writing Workshop

Pratt SILS, come learn about grant writing & fund raising!

We’ll be hosting an informal chat this Friday, Nov. 8th with Peter Wayne, associate director of the Queens Library Foundation, and grant writers Kathy Wah Lee and Dave Schemmp. They’ll also be providing insight into the process and sharing professional advice.

WImagehat: Grant Writing & Fundraising Workshop
When: Friday, Nov. 8
Time: 2:00 – 4:30 p.m.
Where: Pratt Manhattan Campus, Room 612

see you there

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Day 1 of 2013 ASIS&T Annual Meeting: Social Media, Reception, and Design Competition

I managed to make it into the Leadership and Social Media workshop this evening!

It was very interactive and informative, as the main speaker actually had to rush to the hospital yet was able to speak to us via Skype.

The presentation was entertaining and informative, and there was a group activity and presentation component for the participants as well.

I met some international conference attendees and bonded with them at the reception which followed!

I also went on to attend the Design Competition, which allowed me to meet others too! We are going out to lunch as a group tomorrow to go over some design schematics and so I can try poutine for the first time!

–Esperanza Pacheco

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Day 1 of 2013 ASIS&T Annual Meeting: The Concept Formerly Known as Information

In this workshop, we each filled out an “I-Sqaure” about what information means to us.

One side was text while the other was an illustration.

While we each pondered on our own ideas of a portrayal of information, speaker Jenna Hartel of the University of Toronto, Canada, proceeded with her presentation, using previous images of 72 students who had participated in this activityin the past. Most of these includes stick figures, happy faces, linkages, and encrypted symbols, representing text.

Though panelist Jens-Erik Mai, may have debated the questions she asked about information, the main controversy being that information is not necessarily just material, this was a very interactive and entertaining workshop!


–Esperanza Pacheco

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Day 1 of 2013 ASIS&T Annual Meeting: Jorge Garcia, Keynote Speaker

The Keynote Speaker, Jorge Garcia, was great!

He talked about the use of technology and social networks.

He mentioned the flow of information and how it gets shared or communicated through the following:

-A problem or idea begins as an “abstraction.”

-It becomes “augmented.”

-It gets “assimilated.”

-And then becomes part of the “real world.”

A question to ponder: Does our current technology lead to less human interaction?

Garcia says “we need to be better integrators [of information].” What does this mean to you?


–Esperanza Pacheco

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Congratulations 2013 ASIS&T Annual Meeting Scholarship Recipients

Congratulations to Ashley Kelleher, Brandi Copher, Esperanza Pacheco, Iris Bierlein, Eleanor Meyer, Diana Bowers and Abril Sisquieros for receiving scholarships form ASIST Pratt to attend the  2013 ASIS&T Annual Meeting in Montreal, Canada taking place November 3rd – 5th.

This annual meeting is one of the main venues for disseminating research on advances on information science, information technology and related topics. It offers an opportunity to reflect on all the changes that impact human information interaction and their implications for information science & technology. The theme at this year’s meeting will be “Beyond the Cloud: Rethinking Information Boundaries.”

ASIST Pratt attendees will be documenting their experiences from the meeting by either blogging right here on our WordPress, tweeting from our Twitter account or helping build an app

Congratulations again!

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RSVP – Mastering Research and Publication Skills


ASIST@Pratt is happy to announce a Research and Publication workshop conducted by Dr. Irene Lopatovska. An advanced understanding of a research and publication process is among the core requirements for many library and information positions. Sign up now and join us on Friday, October 25th from 4:00pm – 7:00pm to learn about: Research methods commonly used in LIS (survey, interview,…)

When: Friday, October 25, 2013
Time: 4:00 PM to 7:00 PM (EDT)
Location: PMC Room: 612
How: RSVP with the link above


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