First Monday Film Series = Awesome

Thanks to everyone who showed up to our inaugural First Monday Film Series- a screening of that typeface thriller, Helvetica. We had a great crowd of about 15, and even a Prof from Communication Design on the 7th floor showed up! Although we had some initial set-backs, clearance issues and locked computer cabinets. Still we persevered and managed to find an open classroom with a working DVD player and sub-woofer to boot. (the sub-woofer really helped you feel those fonts)

ASIS&T provided pizza and soda as promised. We even had enough cash from the bake sale to buy the good brick oven pizza from down the block! Thanks again to all who bought baked goods. Your contribution helped make our film series a huge success.

We stuck around for a little while after the film to discuss our thoughts and impressions. We talked about issues of standardization, communication, and representation through typeface and how a font like Helvetica affects information organization and access. But we were all pretty drained after a long evening of classes, so the conversation was pretty light.

Stay tuned for the next screening for our First Monday Film Series on May 4 from 9-11pm. We will be showing the video works of the radical architectural artist collective Ant Farm.


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