Second Life Guest Lecturer: Rhonda Trueman – 4/23

Rhonda Trueman will be a guest speaker in LIS 697 (Virtual Information Environments) this Thursday (April, 23). Before the lecture and discussion, students will provide a brief introduction on SL and its basic manipulation.

Here is our event schedule.

5: 50-6:30 Brief introduction to SL and its manipulation (Room 609)

6:30-6:50 Library Tour (Info Island) in SL (Room 609)

6:50-8:00 Lecture and discussion (

If you are interested in Second Life, this will be a good chance to look at the use of SL as a new medium to provide information service as well as to learn about its basic manipulation. We will explain navigation, camera control and social networking tools at the event. Please make sure to create your own account if you would like to learn SL basics beforehand. If you need any help with your account, I am more than happy to help you – so, please email me. For the lecture, we will use text or voice chat on the Pratt land in Second Life.


8 thoughts on “Second Life Guest Lecturer: Rhonda Trueman – 4/23

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