Vote for ASIS&T Secretary / Treasurer

Below are the candidates for this position, and a short statement from each. Choose wisely, and then  VOTE!

Helen Schumacher

I’m interested in the position as a way to get more involved in the library-student community. I decided to study information science because of a belief that the best way to empower people is through information; as I’ve progressed in the Pratt program, I’ve found technology to be key in this information-finding process and think it will be even more important as the field of librarianship adapts for the 21st century, which is why I’m interested in being a part of ASIS&T in particular.

Sara Elspeth Kirkmyer

At my previous job, I tracked expenses submitting monthly expense reports; I’m a stickler for keeping track of a balance and love my excel spreadsheets.  I’m looking for a way to become more involved in SILS and recently I’ve begun taking more tech classes so I think ASIS&T would be a great way to get involved.  Plus I love the bake sales you guys put on and look forward to contributing! 🙂

Vote now! Please vote only once. Thank you, and good luck! 


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