2010 IA Summit Volunteer Opportunities

The 2010 ASIS&T Information Architecture Summit is taking place April 7 – 11, 2010 in Phoenix, Arizona.  Volunteers must be available throughout the entire conference and contribute a minimum of 15 -17 hours of service during that time. The success of past volunteer efforts was based on communication, so in addition, attendance is mandatory at morning volunteer meetings during the conference.

ASIS&T conferences are made through the efforts of people who care about promoting usability.  Volunteer contribution help make the ASIS&T 2010 Summit the leading forum for the exchange of ideas among information practitioners.

What do Conference Volunteers do?

ASIS&T 2010 Summit volunteers perform a wide variety of duties including:

  • Assist session chairs and tutorial instructors.
  • Distribute and collect session feedback forms.
  • Provide information and directions between conference sessions.
  • Man placement center.

Why would I want to be a Conference Volunteer?

The ASIS&T 2010 Summit will need at least 20 volunteers. Slots will be filled on a first-come, first-serve basis, with priority given to full-time students. If the available volunteer opportunities have been filled, names will be placed on the waitlist.

Do I qualify as a Conference Volunteer?

The volunteer experience is intended to provide access to the conference for people who might not otherwise be able to attend. Therefore, volunteer are selected based on the following criteria. (in order of acceptance)

  • ASIS&T Member
  • Full-Time student enrolled in a degree or certificate program

How much does it cost to be a Conference Volunteer?

To help ASIS&T student members who might otherwise be unable to participate in ASIS&T meetings, there is an opportunity to attend the sessions and network with other members in exchange for assisting us in running the meeting.

Does ASIS&T cover travel and lodging for conference Volunteers?

Unfortunately ASIS&T cannot provide travel or lodging assistance to conference volunteers. You are encouraged to share rooms at the conference hotel and ASIS&T will help you find a roommate, if needed.

If I volunteer, will I still be able to attend my preferred session?

If there is a workshop or tutorial that you simply have to attend, its suggested that you register for the session as an attendee. This will free you up to concentrate completely on the material, without being distracted by volunteer duties. While it isn’t guaranteed that you will be assigned to work a particular session, coordinators do try to make some accommodations for volunteer preferences during the scheduling process.

How do I apply to be a conference Volunteer?

If you are interested in volunteering for the ASIS&T 2010 Summit in Phoenix , Arizona , send your name, e-mail address, and school to Letresha Vick lvick@asis.org.


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