Meet our newly elected officers!

It’s official! ASIS&T @ Pratt has nominated this year’s Secretary and Treasurer!

Many congratulations to Kevin Pelrine and Nicki Vance! We’re looking forward to working with them on our many projects this year. Their first assignment was to tell us a little bit about themselves, so here we go:

Kevin Pelrine

Kevin Pelrine, our new Secretary, is in his third semester at SILS. He received his BFA in2003 from the Studio for Interrelated Media at Massachusetts College of Art.  Before turning to librarianship and information science, he was a whale-watch videographer, used bookseller, and art handler.  He is currently a clerk at the Pratt Institute Library in Brooklyn.  Research interests include usability, social media ethics, cultural heritage, and the history of information technology.  Prone to wild speculation on science fiction, artificial intelligence, weird music, herbal medicine, and the internet, though not all at the same time.  He lives in Bushwick.

Nicki Vance, the new Treasurer of ASIS&T @ Pratt, is a temporary transplant from the West Coast where she grew up doing geeky projects with her dad and graduated from college with a degree in Mathematics and a minor in Mandarin Chinese. During a class on intellectual property, she interviewed her college’s librarians and suddenly realized that it was a career path she would be interested in following. Her time here at Pratt has returned her to geekier, techie pursuits and brought her to Museum Librarianship and copyright issues through the MLEAD program at the Brooklyn Museum. Aside from being a GA at the Pratt Brooklyn Library, she enjoys sitting by New York’s not-so-clean rivers, photography, and letterpress printing.


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