Meet our not-as-recently elected officers!

Now that you’ve been introduced to this year’s newly elected officers, it’s time to learn more about the other folks behind the curtain at ASIS&T @ Pratt. Both Denise and Davis were elected to the board in the Spring 2010 semester, and continue to work hard to make ASIS&T @ Pratt the best it can be.

Denise Pasquinelli, our fearless leader, will graduate with her MLIS in the spring of 2011. At Pratt she has developed an affection for Interaction Design, Usability Testing, Humanities Research, and Project Management. Denise is particularly interested in the cultural effects of a highly connected society, as well as branding considerations for non-profits and individuals.  As chair of ASIS&T @ Pratt, Denise aims to open a dialogue about the innovative side of information science and technology through extracurricular professional development groups, workshops, and guest speakers. Denise also enjoys meditation, yoga, illustration, making books, and performance art. She loves TED Talks and IDEO too!

Davis Erin Anderson, VP of ASIS&T at Pratt, maintains this blog. Armed with two degrees in music performance, Davis is back in action as a student at Pratt SILS, where she is exercising her love of knowledge organization, information policy, and performing arts librarianship. A chronic over-achiever, Davis is a passionate organizer of people and events. So far this year, Davis has maintained the discussion list for SLA-NY, co-organized the SLA-NY Student Swing, co-founded the New York Music Library Students group, and continues to work hard as the VP for ASIS&T @ Pratt. In her spare time, Davis is a nerd for science fiction TV and loves reading short fiction while drinking chai tea lattes.


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