Announcing the Career Skillz Bootcamp

Join ASIS&T @ Pratt for a series of student led, student oriented sessions on applying your LIS prowess to kicking off your career. We’re calling it ASIS&T @ Pratt presents: Career Skilz Bootcamp, and we’ll meet at 3:30 on the first Saturday of each month that school is in session.
The idea here is to be open, inclusive and conversational, and to give helpful advice and take-aways that will enable each and every one of us to effectively market our hard-earned skills. We’re results-focused, and we guarantee that you’ll have polished deliverables in hand at the end of each session.
Coming up on November 6, 2010*, Jeremy Hutchins and Sarah Sopab will open our series with friendly and helpful advice on maximizing the potential of your resume(s)! These two resume aces will give on-the-spot consultations to all attendees; addditional time/computers will be available so you can put these tips and tricks into production right away. Don’t forget to store your resume in the cloud so we can work on it in a digital environment!

There’s lots and lots more to come; don’t forget to check out the “calendar” tab for more information on the entire series!

*Location TBD


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