Career Skillz Bootcamp Recap

Behold, evidence that the resumé revamp session of our Career Skillz Bootcamp was wildly successful! Jeremy and Sarah gave masterful advice on how to make my resumé shine to its greatest potential. See below for before/after examples and see how many differences you can find!

While these documents speak for themselves, I wanted to outline a few hints that I gleaned from last Saturday’s session:

– always target to the job ad for which you are applying
– always move administrative work to the bottom of each category
– under no circumstances should you neglect to include your technical skills, especially when you are hoping to find a job that makes good use of them
– if you include an objective or a profile sentence, keep it short, crystal-clear and impactful
– make use of the space you’ve got to clearly delineate the most-know information (check out my resume for a great example of this)
– if there are gaps in your experience, stick to using years instead of exact dates

The most valuable part of this workshop, for me, was really thinking about my goals and my past work experience and framing it in the best possible light. Much of the improvement on my resumé came from honing the language to truly reflect the products of my work, and answering Sarah and Jeremy’s directed questions was a great exercise toward teasing out the truth of whatever it is that I’ve been doing all day for my professional life.



Davis Erin Anderson, VP, ASIS&T @ Pratt


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