The Year in ASIS&T@Pratt

ASIS&T@Pratt had a super busy, jam-packed, and fun-filled year in 2010. For the sake of Holiday cheer, let’s take a trip down memory lane to review the year that was.

The Spring 2010 semester started off with new officer elections and ended with our annual Spring Symposium, with a new logo unveiled in between. The Copy/Right(?) Symposium continues to haunt us in the form of accolades for the variety and thoughtfulness of our incredible speakers. Relive the moment with a peek at our poster (designed by Denise P.) and photos (shot by Glenda B.) from the event. Our Twitter hashtag is #crs2010, so you can also rekindle your fond memories via our twitter stream.

Our officers for the Spring 2010 semester included Kendra Hadlock (Chair), Sara Elspth-Kirkmeyer (Vice Chair), Denise Pasquinelli (Secretary) and Davis Erin Anderson (Treasure). Both Kendra and Sara graduated in May, congratulations to the two of them!!

After a summer brainstorming meeting, we reconvened in the fall with Denise at the helm. Our first order of business included electing our new officers! And then of course putting them straight to work. Welcome (again), Kevin and Nicki!

In October, three of the four officers headed over to Pittsburgh to take part in the ASIS&T Annual Meeting. You can reread our reviews for some Friday night fun.

We also unrolled our Career Skillz Bootcamp, a series of workshops designed to help Pratt students find that first awesome library/info job. So far, so good – our first two sessions went really well! Re-dissect Davis’s “before” and “after” resumes to your heart’s content!

Earlier this December we hosted Agnieszka Gasparska at Pratt for a limited edition workshop on Data Visualization. Check out our photos (Glenda B strikes again!) and tune in to this a’here blog for a longer recap on the workshop in the New Year!

Until then, have a safe yet celebratory NYE!


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