The President Loves Us!

I for one am still reeling from the President’s reigniting State of the Union address last night.

This, combined with the minimal guilt I feel for not doing a smashing post about the need for information designers, following our Data Visualization workshop last December- I feel the need to write a quick and dirty state of things of my own.

How cool was it to hear that the President’s agenda for the State of the Union revolved around innovation, education, and the rebuilding of information infrastructures?  (ok…and many other infrastructures-but he did specifically mention information!) We, as information professionals,  do ALL of these things! Librarians are in this powerful and sexy place where we can work to help shape the way information is accessed for all. We have the power to work within our education systems to teach our youth about the endless possibilities afforded to them in the information age. As intellectuals, designers, entrepreneurs, model citizens, ect.

Not to mention the need for information scientists in almost every other network: government, health and financial services, sciences,  technology,  and entertainment.

If we are talking about the next space race, for the information age, who do you think should be leading the way? How about us. We we work and play tirelessly to disseminate information, and design better systems to access it, share it, use it, expound on it, save it, visualize it, and tweet it. Our skills, knowledge, and inherent draw to social justice, seamlessly collaborate with innovators in technology and sciences.

And as more and more information and library science students are not only purveyors of information, truth, and equity–we are designers, we are researchers, we are observers, and humanitarians.  We are at the forefront of the who, what, and hows of people using information to innovate, educate, and engineer our futures.

Bottom line- We are awesome.

Even the President thinks so.


Chair-ASIS&T@ Pratt

Watch SOTU here.

Read it here.


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