Using LinkedIn to enhance your job search

Guest blogger Jeremy Hutchins continues his job search:

Lately I’ve become rather aggressive about pimping out my LinkedIn Profile, and I’ve discovered a few useful things which might help in a job search.  First of all, I have added anyone and everyone I meet on job interviews, school, old friends etc.  One of the cool things about LinkedIn is that if you find a job that interests you, through, say, SimplyHired, you can view all the people you know who know someone who works at the company.

I’ve found that a very good thing to do is to join every “group” that exists in your career area.  For example, because I’m shooting more for the UX/Interaction Design angle, I’ve joined IXDA, IAI, Usability Professionals Association and a number of other groups.  Often these groups post jobs that you wouldn’t otherwise find on career websites, so there’s a smaller pool of applicants, thereby improving your chances of making a connection.

Another tool I’ve found useful is that after applying to a place, I can research the people who are in charge of, say, User Experience at XYZ company, and by searching for them on LinkedIn, you can find out if there’s a personal connection.

Another handy application is “reading list” by Amazon, where you can add books you’ve read or are reading for professional development.  Often employers like to know that job candidates are up to speed on issues facing their profession.  You can also add a creative portfolio display if you want to show documentation such as wireframes and sitemaps.

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