Web Presence & Career Skillz Bootcamp this Saturday!

Last month I shared some inspiring online portfolios and other personal websites to get the creative juices flowing as to how to tackle creating a “web presence”  for SILS students at February’s Career Skillz Bootcamp.

And the question came up: Why have a web presence?

Who doesn’t google a new acquaintance or a potential collaborator or boss upon meeting? I bet we all have, therefore it is a safe bet that you are being researched as well, and why not give them something specific, professional, and carefully curated to better your professional successes?

Plus your website can say a whole lot more about you and how amazing you are than your resume or cover letter will be able to convey. The dynamism of a website is a real treat to someone with a stack of cover letters on their desk.

Well, What if  you don’t have a lot of work samples?

There are a variety of ways you can maintain a professional web presence. You could supply a landing page for prospective viewers that has an image, your career goals, and an interactive resume. Supply links to project sites that you have created for course work or internships, or links to the organizations you have volunteered or worked for. If you have an active social media presence, link up your blogs, twitter, tumblr, and LinkedIn all to one place.

If you do have work samples, and I would wager many of us do…think of online research papers, blogs created for practicum classes, or other writing based assignments digitized. Of course you would want to include information architecture deliverables, usability research samples, collections built for knowledge organization, or social media. What about final collections created for projects in digital archives and digital libraries? Provide a link and show off your hard work. And there are many more applicable projects, if you consider your past work with an open mind.

I would guess all of your classes require deliverables that can be included or referenced online if you so desired. So do it! Share with prospective employers how diverse your library and information science education has been with a variety of projects highlighting your skills and thought processes.

If you missed last months session, come to Nicki’s on Saturday March 5th at 3:30 p.m. in the Cultural Informatics Lab in room 609. Nicki will be walking us through the process of hosting your work samples and online resumes through Pratt’s MySite. We can also discuss other options such as WordPress and Drupal.

As this months session of “Bootcamp”  culminates our practical Career Skillz deliverables for the year, we would be happy to travel back in time to discuss past themes such as: formatting of resumes, wording for career objectives, and what sorts of work should go up on your site, as we move our work online this Saturday.

Join us and get yourself ready for your future career!


Denise’s site, built with skills garnered from Career Skillz Bootcamp: www.denisepasquinelli.com


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