Topics for 2012

At our January meeting this past Thursday, we met a lot of new people and threw around a lot of great ideas.  Thanks to everyone who came, you really brought some good energy to start the semester with!

Here are some things to keep in mind until the next meeting:

1. Spring Symposium – what should our topic be?  Some suggestions:

  • Big Data
  • Data Preservation
  • Culturomics

2. Spring Symposium (b) – who can volunteer to help organize it?  Time commitment is about two hours per week tops (mostly late March to May), and organizers get to call up and meet big names in the Information Science field!

3. Conferences!  We have a total Conference Scholarship budget of $1010, which can send one person to a very expensive conference or two people to less expensive conferences.  Consider the following:

Be thinking about what you want to learn this semester to supplement your Pratt classes…your wildest dreams of Information Science knowlege can come true!  Leave comments, email us at, or just bring your ideas to the next meeting! (TBA)


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