Rock You Like A Hurricane:Asist 2012 Annual Meeting

Greetings all!

We were called crazy, naive, and irresponsible for traveling right before a hurricane but we still made the trek from NYC to Baltimore for the 2012 ASIS&T annual meeting. The conference was held from October 28th-30th at the Hilton located in the beautiful Baltimore inner harbor. Unfortunately most of us were not able to do much sight-seeing (except when I got lost for ten minutes).

The student design competition was a great way to get fellow student attendees working together and networking. Two students from SILS won, Andy Steinitz and Matt Miller (who also presented his work in Linked Jazz at the poster reception), and will be attending next year’s meeting in Montreal with free registration!

Dr. Edward Chang, head of HTC research, gave a great keynote on making your smart phone smarter. There were also great panels on the future of the information professional, youth’s information literacy, and semantic metadata. There were also some great student presentations including a paper from April Earle from St. John’s University on creating an application profile for an oral history collection and another paper from Jaime Synder from Syracuse University on the creation of visual information.

Pratt SILS was definitely well represented at ASIS&T 2012. As mentioned we had two students win the design competition and one present on the Linked Jazz project. Dr. Lopatovska moderated a panel on l-schools (library schools) and i-schools (information science schools). Dr. Choi also presented on her research at the poster reception. I also found myself talking to a student who quoted Dr. Rabina’s work on German Traces in a paper.

As this was my first conference I do not have any comparison to make to this. I can say that this was an incredibly informative and enjoyable experience. I am definitely looking forward to ASIS&T 2013!

Tricia Bradshaw
Vice-Chair Fall’12


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