Day 3 of 2013 ASIS&T Annual Meeting

I went to my Student Design Competition Presentation this morning! Nathan, the spokesperson of our group did a great job of bringing our ideas together to coherently proclaim them to our audience and judges. We actually met up about 3 times, even for a short while, and though it was difficult to get a design together, I am proud that we tried, and it was great to meet such different people (some from different nations)! I did have a modern, technological idea to introduce to my group, but they weren’t a fan. :/ But it’s okay; there’s always next time!

While doing some work on the computer, I was late for the Awards Luncheon, so I went to go sit at the Pratt tables for a while instead. Even so, the waiters set up the whole meal for me right there! Montreal has some of the nicest people I’ve ever met!


–Esperanza Pacheco


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