November 11, 2010

ASIS&T @ Pratt Meeting Agenda

Our first Career Skillz Boot Camp session
Blog Post (announcement of the event posted on 11/5; reviewish thing posted on 11/12)

Future Bootcamps and Poster
“Elevator Pitch” / Tailor your resume and cover letter—use as the vehicle for discovering those key words that express what you do, why you do it,     and why employer x really needs you??

Series Poster (Davis and Jeremy)
Individual Posters (Person in charge of workshop; Davis will provide access to .psd files via Google docs)

Upcoming Data Visualization Workshop:
Friday December 3rd at 2:00 – 5:00 p.m.
e-mail agnieszka pratt catalog (Denise)
e-mail profs and tula about program network analysis in soical media (Denise, All?)
get room 609 for the afternoon (Denise)
Print Publicity (Jeremy, Denise send info on A)
Social Media Blasts (Davis and Kevin)
e-mail blasts to Entire Pratt Community (Davis)
Sign-up web form –cap it at 30-reminder e-mail to accommodate waiting list (Davis – form created 11/12)
Reallocate funds-send request to (Nicki)
get a performer fee sheet filled out at Pratt Brooklyn in SGA office–or can be interoffice mailed to Pratt  (Kevin)
Tech hook up for Agnieszcka’s presentation (Bring  backup)
Table for ASIS&T sign up/buttons (Nicki at the bar)
Documentation (Glenda or Kevin)
*Future Workshop*covering visual design elements/ interactive visualizations  (Yes!!!How do we fund it!?)

ASIS&T Metro NY news
Spring Symposium Student/Regional event and sponsorship
*Pratt Brooklyn Library*

Upcoming events for Spring Semester
Print Portfolio (Denise and Jeremy)
Recruitment Fair (Mar) (See google doc-generate list of possible recruiters)
Digital Portfolio (Apr) (Denise and Nicki)
Social Media Ethics/Privacy Symposium (May)  (Conjunction w/ ASIS&T MetroNY)

    • Begin researching potential speakers now!
    • Nov. 17th check out The Ethics of Innovation: Navigating privacy, policy, and service issues
    • List in google docs in symposium folder

Data Viz part II? If yes—when?
Officer Elections  when? how?

Updates Brian

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