ASIS&T@Pratt Officer Election

Pratt SILS

ASIS&T@Pratt, a student chapter of the Association for Information Science & Technology, has three officer positions opening for the upcoming year:

President oversee, plan and execute ASIS&T@Pratt meetings, events,
scholarships and administrative duties.

Vice President helps out with organizing events for ASIST@Pratt, filling out funding requests for events and keeps notes of activities done throughout the year.

Social Media maintains ASIS&T@Pratt’s online presence by managing and updating social media accounts, including Facebook, Twitter and WordPress with club-organization related news.

To apply for any of these positions email a brief bio, position applying for and statement of interest to by March 21st. Feel free to email us with any questions.

Good luck!
Your ASIS&T@Pratt Officers,
Ngozi, Michelle and Ashley

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Notes & Agenda: First ASIS&T Meeting of the Spring Semester

Below, are ideas ASIS&T@Pratt have come up with for this Spring 2014 semester. Please feel free to leave any further ideas, feedback or commentary under the leave a comment section below this post!

  • Elections for President, Vice President and Social Media, submit application by March 21st 
  • Tour of Tumblr
  • Collective effort, curating a tumblr blog of ASIS&T@Pratt
  • ProQuest training/internship
  • Film screening of Terms & Conditions May Apply


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ProQuest Student Trainer

Just wanted to alert everyone about an internship opportunity with ProQuest.

What: ProQuest Student Trainer

Position Description:ProQuest offers a limited number of stipends to students in Library and Information Science programs to work a total of 100 training hours as interns on-campus at their organizations. The student will be responsible for training users, primarily other Library/Information Science students and faculty, on the ProQuest platform and Flow, our bibliographic management software. Students may also choose to learn and train on additional products in their fields of interest (i.e. K12, Public, Academic, Business, Medical, etc.)

Compensation: The student intern will receive a $1500 stipend for 100 training hours of work, payable in five increments of $300 for each 20 hours completed.

Deadline: Please submit, electronically, a cover letter, resume, and contact information for three references March 15, 2014

Contact: Irene Lopatovska, Ph.D.

Good luck!

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EVENT ALERT: Google Glass, Fad or Trend?

The METROPOLITAN NEW YORK LIBRARY COUNCIL presents Google Glass, Fad or Trend? Phil Shen will present a brief introduction to Google’s new wearable technology tool, Google Glass. He will highlight real world examples of how Google Glass can be used and demonstrate current uses. Potential apps as well as any potential library uses will also be discussed. Brainstorm about innovative ways librarians could use Google Glass and other wearable technologies.

What: Google Glass, Fad or Trend?
When: this Wed, March 5, 2014
Time: 10AM – 1PM
Where: METRO Training Center (4th floor)
57 E. 11th Street
New York, NY 10003
Note: you must register before March 4th @ 5:00PM

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First ASIS&T@Pratt Meeting of the Spring Semester ’14

ASIS&T@Pratt, the student chapter of The Association for Information Science & Technology will hold its first meeting this Tuesday! Come learn more about the group, talk about spring events, hear about the officer election in March and bring suggestions for activities.

What: ASIS&T@Pratt Meeting
When: this Tuesday, March 4th
Time: 6:00PM – 6:20PM
Where: Pratt Manhattan Campus, rm. 608

We look forward to seeing you there!

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Day 3 of 2013 ASIS&T Annual Meeting

I went to my Student Design Competition Presentation this morning! Nathan, the spokesperson of our group did a great job of bringing our ideas together to coherently proclaim them to our audience and judges. We actually met up about 3 times, even for a short while, and though it was difficult to get a design together, I am proud that we tried, and it was great to meet such different people (some from different nations)! I did have a modern, technological idea to introduce to my group, but they weren’t a fan. :/ But it’s okay; there’s always next time!

While doing some work on the computer, I was late for the Awards Luncheon, so I went to go sit at the Pratt tables for a while instead. Even so, the waiters set up the whole meal for me right there! Montreal has some of the nicest people I’ve ever met!


–Esperanza Pacheco

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Day 2 of 2013 ASIS&T Annual Meeting

Day 2 of the ASIS&T Annual Meeting started bright and early, with the first sessions beginning at 8am! I decided to attend the session “Data and Information Access and Preservation” with four papers.

The first paper, “Closing the Loop: Assisting Archival Appraisal and Information Retrieval in One Sweep” assessed appraisal as “a complex information retrieval task.” The second, “The Role of Data Reuse in the Apprenticeship Process,” addressed data reuse in the fields of zoology and archaeology, noting that reuse is a way in which new scholars learn to become members of their academic communities. The next paper, “Disaster Planning for Digital Repositories,” discussed the findings of a survey the authors had conducted questioning digital repositories’ disaster planning activities. Finally, “Environmental Voluntary Groups: Toward Curating Data for Sharing, Access, and Preservation” questioned information professionals’ ability to gather data generated by “amateur” (though the paper questioned this term) scientists/passionate enthusiasts in scientific fields. The session was a bit dry overall (or maybe it was just the early hour!) but I came away with some good points.

At 10:30am, there was a panel on “Information Outsiders of the 21st Century,” discussing equity of access and the digital divide. The panel included scholars from the Universities of South Carolina and Maryland. The panel laid out three types of access: physical, intellectual, and social. All three types, the panel argued, must be account for in any access policy, and such policies need to address social justice outcomes as much as technical ones.

After a lunch break (I tried a great vegan restaurant in Montreal: Crudessence), it was time for the panel on which I was presenting! “Digital Liaisons: Engaging with Digital Curation and Practice,” sponsored by SIG-DL (Special Interest Group-Digital Libraries). The panel session started with viewing some of the posters that had been accepted. Then Carolyn Hank of the University of Tennessee, Knoxville gave a passionate and humorous keynote speech. Afterwards, time for the lightning talks, of which my presentation was one! All of the student presenters did a great job, and the range of topics stimulated several questions in the Q&A period.

At 3:30, some classmates attended a session on UX Labs that they said made them jealous–hopefully we will get such a lab at Pratt SILS sometime in the near future!

After the day’s sessions were done, Pratt SILS got some more attention when Iris Bierlein and Nora Meyer presented the poster they had made with SILS Professor Irene Lopatovska, “Exploring Requirements for Online Art Collections, during the President’s Reception. Great job, guys!

With that, another busy conference day came to a close.

Diana Bowers (click the link to see my conference tweets!)

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